My Ohio Restaurant Reviews.

About DENNY’S of Ontario (Mansfield), Ohio…Yesterday, after leaving The Bookery Parable Christian Store and before calling it a night my fellow artist, singing partner and best friend, Jean, and I decided to stop over to Denny’s for a cup of hot cocoa.  Once there we chose to order something simple to eat and enjoy along with our beverages. Needless to say later after leaving Denny’s I found myself driven to contact the restaurant’s customer service dept. online and here’s what I wrote. Quoting myself …”I wish your Denny’s Rest. # 1325 would keep the good waitresses until they retire and stop hiring all of the younger inexperienced waitresses like the ones I was not very well served by last night. As much as I appreciate and care about people who work in the hospitality and service industry…last night I could not even get anyone to bring me a hot beverage refill unless I got up and approached the kitchen or cash register area to ask for it myself. And yet, the store was practically empty, but, there seemed to be about 5-10 crew members on duty (the manager included). I am surprised at how my date and I were simply ignored during most of our visit. I decided to contact you about this because I just do not understand what happened at Mansfield, Ohio Denny’s tonight.” Further, our waitress did not even return to our table to ask if I needed any more pancakes since I had ordered All You Can Eat Pancakes. In addition, Denny’s removed the favorite “All You Can Eat Soup And Salad” from their menu about two years ago which I used to come and order at almost every visit to the all-night diner. With these new waitresses it is also very hard to find out what the foods, dressings, syrups, etc…are made of ingredient-wise which makes it impossible to know what I might be putting into my body. So, I really hope to select another 24 hours restaurant the next time I am out late and need some food and/or coffee.  (3 – THREE out of 10 stars!)


On reaping what we sow.

I’ve learned  not so recently that T-Mobile’s computer accounts were hacked and the private and personal information collected by T-Mobile from beau coup customers of theirs was accessed unlawfully and compromised.

I wonder if this could possibly be a direct result of the way T-Mobile has treated its customers in the past.

Alltel and T-Mobile Racket(s).

Not one more wireless mobile phone services sales representative will be able to ever con me into becoming a victim of their frequent acts of Sales Fraud, since, after my last three experiences with such products and services and the companies which market and promote and sell them (ALLTEL and T-Mobile being the most recent two who “baited me and switched” on me, or, simply lied to my face, and sold me goods without allowing me to see and read any statement with the true legally binding requirements, or, contractual expectations associated with what they offer(ed) me), I’ve decided TO NOT use any so called “c e l l  p h o n e s”, neither, any similar technology, anymore, forever!

If Alltel Wireless and T-Mobile local store sales representatives can tell customers outright lies, both, in their advertisements, as well as, at the store right to the customers’ faces in order to promote and sell their products and services, then most certainly, and, by all means, in a land where there is still freedom of press, and of speech, I, Timothy Kent Lawson Jr., can also tell the story of their commission of fraud, for everyone interested, to read about.

Basically, in my experience, and that of my close friend, and fellow artist, Jean Lambert, what Alltel’s Andrew Douville offered us last November 29, 2013, as well as, what T-Mobile’s Brian Smith offered us last Friday, February 14, 2014 by way of products, services and rewards was all absolutely, and most positively, a hoax, for certain.  To start with, here below is one of T-Mobile’s promotional web site video’s.

If you just visited the above page and viewed, or, read T-Mobile’s advertisement, please, refrain from falling for it.  See, on 02.14.2014 (Valentine’s Day of all days) at the Polaris Parkway T-Mobile store inside the Mall there … Brian Smith assured me and Jean (Jacob, the manager in development was present that evening) that T-Mobile had wireless coverage in Shelby, Ohio where Jean and I reside about at least one hour away from the Polaris area and nearest T-Mobile store.  So, we took Mr. Smith’s word for it and purchased two sets of wireless phone devices each in exchange for our four devices we had accumulated from Alltel after Alltel’s Black Friday Sale’s Andrew Douville had encouraged Jean and I, to add lines of service, internet service, etc … with Alltel, in order to be given $ 100.00 VISA gift cards, and one free headset, each, with a retail value of $ 129.00 each, and no activiation fees, plus, no monthly service charges until March 2014. Needless to say here, Andrew Smith, took off on a vacation after that evening and was not present at work for a solid 1-2 weeks anyways leaving Jean and I with immediate higher bills to face from Alltel and no waiting until March 2014 to be billed for the new lines of service either. Jean and I actually have witnessess since one of those added lines was given as a family present to Jean’s sister for a while. Also, one of our neighbors (who’s name I’ll leave unmentioned for now) was shopping with us on the day of this sales fraud blunder.

Regarding T-Mobile’s dishonest sales approach, as it turns out, on Saturday, February 15, 2014, Jean and I were faced with attempting to use and benefit from our two “primary use” Alcatel Android wireless phone devices from T-Mobile only to be shocked to learn that they did not at all accept/receive, neither, place/callout phone calls. The devices/phones continually returned an onscreen message of “No signal”. Our efforts to call one another via our T-Mobile phones were met with a complete lack of T-Mobile wireless service of any kind. Later we both learned to our complete dismay that the only way in which our new phones purchased from T-Mobile near Columbus, Ohio would be of any good to us, would be by means of their being connected to any local internet WiFi network that might be available in our city of residence. So, why did Brian Smith choose to tell Jean and me, both, that T-Mobile wireless phone service was available in our residential and every day commuting area? Very interesting would you not agree? … To be continued (I will keep on adding daily details and new entries to this story until there is no detail, pertinent name, nor any bit of information that has been left out). ~ tkl

Tehillim 3:7-8

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB).  7 (8)” Arise, Hashem; hoshieini (save me), O Elohai; for Thou hast struck all mine enemies upon the cheekbone; Thou hast broken the teeth of the resha’im.  8 (9) HaYeshuah (salvation) belongeth unto Hashem; the Birkhat (blessing) of Thee is upon Thy people. Selah.”

Psalm 3:7-8

New King James Version (NKJV).  7 “Arise, O Lord; Save me, O my God! For You have struck all my enemies on the cheekbone; You have broken the teeth of the ungodly. 8 Salvation belongs to the Lord. Your blessing is upon Your people.” Selah


Yeshayah 12:2

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB).  2″ Hinei, El is my Yeshuah (Salvation); I will trust, and not be afraid; for Hashem G-d is my strength and my zemirah; He also has become my Yeshuah (Salvation).”

Isaiah 12:2

The Voice (VOICE). 2   “See, God has come to rescue me; I will trust in Him and not be afraid,     For the Eternal, indeed, the Eternal is my strength and my song.  My very own God has rescued me.”

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